'Four-Ears Model' according to Schulz von Thun

The ‘Four-Ears Model’ is the most familiar and by now the most widespread model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun. It is a model, that tries to explain important aspects of human communication. The model is not just significant for private companionship, but also for the vocational domain, where the professional and human are constantly interlocking. Especially in the field of conflict transformation it is essential to achieve a successful communication.

This self-learning course gives you a rather brief overview about the model, illustrates the basic principles with the help of an example and asks you to reflect the topic on your own. It serves the purpose of raising your awareness and gives you a chance to reacquaint yourself with the complexity of communication. The ‘Four-Ears Model’ is part of all trainings which require communication skills.


This self-learning course was developed by the Academy of Conflict Transformation based on the work of Friedemann Schulz von Thun.

Friedemann Schulz von Thun, born in Germany in 1944, studied psychology, philosophy and education at the university of Hamburg. There he also earned his doctorate with a dissertation on knowledge- and information-transfer.

Schulz von Thun is currently lecturer in the department of psychology at the university of Hamburg and is working as trainer and mediator. He has published a number of articles and books.

Our self-learning course depends among other things on various texts and information from the website from Schulz von Thun (in German).

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