'Conflict Transformation' according to Diana Francis

In the glossary of the Berghof Foundation the term conflict transformation is described as follows:

A complex process of constructively changing relationships, attitudes, behaviours,  interests and discourses in violence-prone conflict settings. Importantly, it also addresses underlying structures, cultures and institutions that encourage and condition violent political and social conflict.

In this self-learning course you will get an overview about the model of conflict transformation of Diana Francis. This model can be seen as representing the essence of conflict transformation. Therefore this self-learning course is fundamental for everybody, who is working in the field of peace work.

This self-learning course was developed by the Academy of Conflict Transformation based on the work of Diana Francis.

Diana Francis works as a freelance trainer and consultant with people who want to work on political and inter-ethnic conflicts. For more than 40 years she has been working on nonviolent conflict resolution, mediation and reconciliation in England and in other countries. The most practical experience she has gained in the post-communist countries, especially in the former Yugoslavia and the Caucasus . In addition, she worked in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

She has published the following books amongst others:

  • People, peace and power: conflict transformation in action, London, Pluto Press, 2002.
  • Rethinking war and peace, London and Ann Arbour, MI, Pluto Press, Pluto Press, 2004
  • From Peacebuilding to Pacification: A Call to Global Transformation London and Ann Arbour, MI, Pluto Press, 2010

You can find more information about Diana Francis as well as some links to open-access papers on her personal website:

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