Logical Framework Matrix (logframe matrix)

The "logical framework matrix" is currently the most commonly used planning instrument for professional project planning and implementation. It has been the standard for a range of project application procedures at the European Union since 1999. Many other calls to bid for projects at national and international levels now also expect to receive a logframe matrix.

This self-learning course helps you to get familiar with the matrix. Therefore the different columns and rows are explained step by step and you are asked to apply the matrix on a example project.

This self-learning course was developed by the Academy of Conflict Transformation. It is based on practical instructions written by Martin Hauszer. Together with Dr. Harald Stelzer and Ursula Hauszer-Orter, he is the publisher and author of the book "Der Weg der Facilitation" (The Path of Facilitation), publ. Gupe Verlag, Graz, Austria.

Further information about the book and this topic in general can be found at these two URLs:

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