'movie' - Monitoring of Effects

This self-learning course deals with how to conceptualize and describe the processes of change which conflict management projects aim to support. That is what is meant by the title of the self-study course: Monitoring Effects - "movie". The name movie comes from the initial sounds of the words in the German name: "Monitoring von Wirkungen", which means "monitoring of effects".

The self-learning course is designed for all people who are involved in project planning and monitoring. It focuses on the topic of effects and process indicators using typical mistakes made during the writing of project applications. The aim of the self-learning course is to show the key concepts behind the „movie“-approach.

The course should be interesting for anyone involved in monitoring effects, whether or not they have actually used movie.

The course is based on the following literature:
Dirk Sprenger: Monitoring of Effects (movie), ifa: Berlin 2007.
The manual can be downloaded here.

The concept 'movie' was originally developed by Dirk Sprenger. It arose out of a discussion process at zivik – a special program for civil conflict resolution at the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa - Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations). This program supports international peace projects in crisis areas with means of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Dirk Sprenger is an experienced human resource development specialist. In 2001 he started his own consultancy firm, Kontrair. The wide range of services he offers includes training processes, consultancy and coaching, facilitation, mediation and also conceptual work.

His main focus is always on the individuals involved and the interactions between people, roles, issues and contexts. In an agreeable and easily comprehensible way, Dirk Sprenger clarifies and connects concepts that previously seemed to be confusing and contradictory, such as 'analytical and systematic', 'reason and emotion', or 'reflection and intuition'. In doing so, he opens up new perspectives and scope for action.

One of the areas he works in is international cooperation, particularly in the sectors of conflict transformation and peacebuilding. From the very beginning, he offered intensive support to the Civil Peace Service with his conceptual work, trainings and consultancy. In addition, he has worked on the same issues for the Foreign Office, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GTZ, InWEnt and many others.

Based on the work of Dirk Sprenger this self-learning course was jointly developed between the zivic Funding Programme of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) and the Academy for Conflict Transformation. In 2015 the Academy decided to relaunch the course with a new media-didactic design.

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