The Onion (PIN) Model

A classic tool in peace and conflict work is the Onion Model. This model  separates the Positions, Interests and Needs that parties in a conflict have towards the contradicting issue, reason why you will find the model also referred to as PIN model.


Through this, the Onion Model opens up possibilities for the parties’ in a conflict to:

  • break up contentious issues into clearer categories

  • unblock conflict through moving away from stiff positions

  • discover and explore of deeper, more real and sometimes common interests and universal needs

  • re-think and clarify their own stand on conflict

  • find joint concerns and work on them

The model is primordially used in negotiation, mediation and dialogue but it is well-known to any peace worker and practitioner.

With the help of this self-learning course you can get familiar with this model and be able to apply it within practical peace work.

This self-learning course has been developped by Andra Tănase. She is the Director of PATRIR and expert consultant on development cooperation, education, conflict transformation, youth and peacebuilding. She works in peace education, strategic programme design, intercultural intelligence, policymaking and civil society development from the perspective of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Andra engaged as a consultant, trainer or adviser with different institutions such as the European Commission, The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Red Cross and Save the Children.

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